Engaging, fun activities to help you on your learning journey.

  • Career Personality Questionnaire

    Find out what personality type you are, and what career you might be suited to.

    6 minutes
  • Buddy Program

    Make the transition to Perth easier by connecting to a current student both before and after you arrive in Perth.

    3-6 months
  • Welcome to Perth

    Learn all you need to know about Perth before you arrive and check off some key items once you’ve landed.

    3 months
  • StudyPerth E-Portfolio

    The StudyPerth E-Portfolio is a curating tool where you can identify, collate and present evidence of gaining global skills.

  • Job Readiness

    The Job Readiness program is where you will gain graduate and career employment skills that will help you to stand out from your competitors.

    10-15 hours
  • Internship Preparation

    Gain skills to research, apply for and complete an internship.

    10-15 hours