Engaging, fun activities to help you on your learning journey

There are a range of engaging activities found on StudyPerth ProsPER that are designed to help international students like you make the most out of your student experience in Perth. From matching you with careers that suit your personality through to helping you prepare for an internship or graduate opportunity, these activities are designed to give international students the best information available to help them thrive during their time in Perth.

Helping you understand your legal rights

Through My Legal Mate, you can take part in brief interactive quizzes to better define your legal problem through a series of Yes/No answers. This creates personalised pathways that walk you through legal and non-legal remedies, along with links to helpful resources. If your enquiry is legal in nature, we will refer you to the StudyPerth inhouse legal service in partnership with Northern Suburbs Community Legal.

All activities available on ProsPER

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  • ProsPER & Career Support

    Advance your career journey, achieve your career goals and unleash your full potential through ProsPER.

    10 hours
  • Wellbeing Support

    StudyPerth is committed to supporting you and your mental health to help you succeed in your studies and other areas of your life.

    5 min
  • StudyPerth My Legal Mate

    My Legal Mate provides answers to commonly asked questions about laws in Australia, as well as on-the-go legal information.

    15 minutes