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What is ProsPER?

ProsPER is a free online portal for international students seeking a prosperous future. ProsPER will equip and empower international students to develop the skills, experience, networks, confidence and knowledge needed to prosper in their lives.

Why use ProsPER

ProsPER provides every international student (irrespective of their level of study, institution, course or location) the opportunity to collect free information and experiences to create a unique portfolio that makes them stand out from other students.

How it works


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Registering your account is easy to do and will take about 60 seconds! Just register your email, select where you are in your education journey, and choose your avatar, and you are good to go!

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  • Live

    Perth is one of the world's most liveable cities. We offer world-class education, a warm climate, a laid-back lifestyle and a vibrant economy.

  • Learn

    Perth institutions include top-rated universities and colleges, pathway providers, English language institutions and schools.

  • Launch

    Perth is home to a prosperous economy with an abundance of innovative projects across a range of industries.


    Share your progress and achievements with friends

    As you progress through ProsPER and complete more and more activities, you can share your latest achievements on LinkedIn, Facebook and WeChat to show your friends what you have been up to!


    Collate your skills in your skills passport

    As you progress through ProsPER, you will be able to identify, collate and present your new skills that you have developed. Students can create a portfolio of evidence of employability activities and experiences to share with other students and employers.

    You're now job ready!

    ProsPER contains a variety of professional skills, networking and virtual internship activities.

    • Personalised learning
    • Goals for keeping you on track
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