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  • Job Readiness

    The Job Readiness program is where you will gain graduate and career employment skills that will help you to stand out from your competitors.

    10-15 hours
  • Career Personality Questionnaire

    Find out what personality type you are, and what career you might be suited to.

    6 minutes
  • StudyPerth E-Portfolio

    The StudyPerth E-Portfolio is a curating tool where you can identify, collate and present evidence of gaining global skills.


    Student Success Stories

    • Ever since I completed my undergraduate study in the end of 2012 and started working in 2013, my childhood dream was reawakened: to travel the world and create beautiful memories.

      William (Indonesia)
    • My name is Hiromi Takahashi and I am studying for a Master of Sexology at Curtin University. I arrived in Perth in February 2019 from my hometown of Osaka in Japan.

      Hiromi (Japan)
    • My name is ShuHui Yong and I am studying for the Foundation Programme at Taylors College. I arrived in Perth eight months ago (in January 2019) from my home city of Miri, Malaysia. I chose to study in Perth because it was the best of two worlds - a bustling city and a quiet countryside, a perfect balance of business and calm.

      ShuHui (Malaysia)
    • My name is Anushka and I am studying for a Bachelor of Law at Edith Cowan university in Joondalup. I arrived in Perth in February 2019. I chose to do my exchange semester in Perth as it is a partner university in my home country of India, and I’d be establishing a link between my home university and a university in Australia, for the first time.

      Anushka (India)